Bikram Yoga Stowe

192 Thomas Lane
Granary Building
Stowe, Vermont

How Bikram Yoga Improves Our Lives

I am a 42-year old athletic man who has been involved in sports and exercise since I was young, from Rugby to Olympic power lifting.  Injuries have caught up with me; knee surgeries, a few shoulder surgeries, bulging disks in my lower back, and I finally had three vertebrae in my neck fused with a plate and six screws. 

In addition to a modified—but still intense—athletic program, rehab advice, massage and acupuncture, the one activity that has made the most difference is Bikram Yoga.  

The heat allows my muscles to relax and stretch, the postures build my core stability muscles, and the sequence of the forms gird my back against further injury.  Bikram Yoga has been a life-changing experience. You owe it to yourself to at least give this yoga a try, you won’t regret it. – Seth W.